Adult Music Lessons

We have students of ALL ages. Many adults take lessons on their days off or even on their lunch break or after work. It’s never too late to make your musical aspirations a reality. Our teachers will work with you on your specific goals and will take into account if you’re a new beginner, self-taught or have taken formal lessons before.

Here are some suggestions to make lessons successful for you!

  1. Set Goals!
    Weekly Goals. One of the first keys to successful lessons is to appreciate the small victories. Every week! Every time you put your hands on your instrument you make progress, whether you can see it or not.
    Your weekly assignments are actually weekly goals. Every time you play a new song, finger exercise, or just a couple of measures – you’ve succeeded!
  2. Have A Great Attitude!
    Be Teachable. Be willing to listen and accept instruction and correction. This tip is true for everyone, young and old.
    We find that adults – who are used to making decisions for themselves every day – have the hardest time adjusting to being a student again.
    Enjoy not having to decide for yourself. Trust your teacher. You will learn more quickly and more successfully.
  3. Be Responsible.
    Attend every lesson—even if you haven’t been able to practice much. Bring your books and materials every week.
    Be Honest– Tell your teacher when you don’t understand something.
    Don’t just sit and nod (thinking that you’ll go home and figure it out on your own). It’s really OK! Your teacher wants you to understand! He/she will be happy to explain differently.
  4. Have Fun!
    ​Just Play! Don’t just do your assigned work. Sit down at your instrument, without books or music, and just noodle around. Find a musical sentence in your hands that sounds good. Just go with it. Don’t censor yourself- Just play! (And by the way – that’s all there is to improvisation – which is instant – composition!)

We guarantee your teacher wants you to enjoy your lessons, and enjoy learning to play.
​Your teacher is your coach and one of your biggest fans! They want you to succeed!
Call us today at (816) 974-7656 or email to choose your day and time!

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