Benefits of playing music – Part 2

Teaching a child to play

Parents should be involved in the process of teaching children to play. It won’t matter if the parent is a musician themselves or not. Encouragement and patience is all that is really required. (Maybe a hug or two!)
Parents can help by ensuring the child’s instrument is in good working order and suitable to the child’s age and body size. Kids also need structure and encouragement when it comes to practice time. Younger kids should be supervised by the parents during practice but older kids may be happier to go on their own.
Sometimes parents may have to make sure the instrument is in tune or help younger learners get the instrument ready for practice.
Encouraging language and genuine interest in all children activities is truly a must and a very strong incentive. Reward your child for a great day, week or month of practice and do something extra special after recital times.
Remember, your child may not always feel like practicing and this is natural. If it becomes a struggle for you and the child, discuss ways that you can overcome these humps with your teacher. They should be sensitive to these times with younger children and have strategies available to get them back on the right track.

Benefits of an instrument

For children, the benefits of learning a musical instrument are many. Music learning aids development and is a positive, enriching activity. It helps in developing personal discipline, stick-to-it-ice-ness and builds self-esteem. Learning music early helps develop brain function and communication between both sides of the brain, developing both cognitive and motor skills. Music skills offer the chance to read, practice close listening, incorporate math and higher theoretical concepts all into one fun activity. Students learn about their own likes, dislikes and how to communicate verbally and non-verbally with others in learning and performance settings. Learning an instrument builds the self-confidence that is necessary in so many other areas of life. Music and art are some of the highest and safest means of self-expression that exists for kids.

Here’s what CBS news had to say about the benefits of learning a musical instrument.

Guitar lessons

Guitar lessons are a great choice for learners of almost any age. The instruments themselves a relatively inexpensive and highly portable. The guitar is used in nearly every style of music from commercial form to high brow art music and to accompany singers.
Taking lessons on the guitar has never been easier. The popularity of the instrument has insured a wide variety of available instruments, method books and modes of learning.
Lessons with a qualified teacher is highly recommended. You can learn one-on-one, in group settings, in the teaching studio or some instructors may even be able to come to your home.
What are you waiting for? Get started playing now and enjoy the benefits of learning music and becoming the guitarist you always wanted to be.

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