Great Piano Teachers in St. Joseph

There are many talented and qualified piano teachers in our area.

We should ask more specifically about the kind of music you are interested in.

Based on your desire to get the positive benefits of music for your mind/body and making productive use of your downtime, you might be open to all styles.

Most teachers would encourage musical literacy through traditional styles like classical, folk and popular songs.

If you were very interested in just playing by ear, music theory, jazz or improvisation, we know the specialists who do that too.

It’s all who you know… and we know ’em!

Locally, we have the St. Joseph Area Music Teachers Association and they have a list of member teachers there too.

I teach guitar for MWSU and benedictine college. If you are looking for a professor from one of the campuses, they may have some availability too.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a note or call anytime if you have trouble finding what you need. Playing music is a great pastime.. and we are here to help you find the best teacher FOR YOU.

So let us be a resource for you…