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Ode to Joy (Guitar Quartet)
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Ode to Joy pg1

Ode to Joy pg2

Ash Grove

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Somewhere over the rainbow UKE

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Ode to Joy UKE

SJAA “Intro to Guitar” for Youth w/Dr. Frank Nawrot (3/23/20)

SJAA “Intro to Guitar” for Adults w/JC Dirks (3/23/20)

SJAA Guitar Basics w/Jason (3/24/20) A recording of a class we offered through Zoom for MWSU Guitar Basics course yesterday.  It’s pretty “Low Quality” at several points in the audio and some video drags. Otherwise, some fun stuff that you can practice along with or options for your own practice routine.  Feel free to watch it all or jump around to what you like. Music is included in a familiar “fun” cheat sheet below but lots of the tunes are in Performance Rep. 1 book also. More to come and here for whatever you need. Jason and SJAA–WBJGrPq4WX7ArUEEYHEX6a81igf8_Fcy0xkgCYXRA8IBeX8Acv8fF3T?startTime=1585073268000 Download the “Fun Sheet” guitar fun sheet #1 1 WARMUPS Tune :20 Timer 1:55 Left Hand Finger Combinations/Permutations Exc. 2:15 SCALES Circle of 4ths/4ths (Major Scale #2 all keys) 13:30 Names/Numbers for strings, fingers, frets 19:50 Single String Studies 22:15 Joy to World 23:00 CHORDS My Dog has G’s 26:00 SONGS/PIECES/TUNES Peter Gunn (00203054) 29:55 Amazing Grace 34:10 Prelude in A 38:14 C Jam Blues 43:45 Wipeout 47:55 Minor Swing 52:40 Rock n Roll 58:18 Happy Birthday 1:02:43

BLACKBIRD (The Beatles)

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