Guitar Studies

Guitar Studies

At the St. Joseph Arts Academy, guitar studies is one of our specialties.  We offer University level educational methods that are modified to all ages and levels.  Check out what that entails with some of the topics below…

Content – Introduction and study of available traditional and commercial music styles including classical, jazz, blues, rock, country and their sub-genres. Students prepare repertoire for solo and ensemble performance using idiomatic techniques on electric and acoustic instruments. Emphasis will be place on developing the skills necessary to work as a studio guitarist including but not limited to sight reading, improvisation, stylistic interpretation and standard uses of specialized equipment (effects, amplifiers, recording techniques, etc.)

Ensemble – Guitarists will be encouraged to perform in the following settings: Solo, Guitar Duo, Mixed Combo without a 2nd guitarist, Guitar Ensemble and as an accompanist to a soloist.

Evaluations – Evaluations will be based on the student attendance, assignment completions including required studies and repertoire, written papers, written musical arrangements and performances/recitals. Formal Adjudications are available once a year in the spring. A semester grade may be requested.

Required Books – Artist Performance Repertoire (appropriate to level), Sight reading for the classical guitarist, Library of Guitar Classics, Fakebooks and other method books at the discretion of the instructor.

Required Studies – Traditional Methods, specified warm-ups (right and left hands, finger picking, etc.), specialized techniques, stylized spruces, improve, history and applied theory.

Require Repertoire – Specific, level appropriate repertoire in classical, rock, jazz, blues, country and folk. Repertoire substitutions as the suggestion of the student are acceptable if the pic suggested contains the same level of difficulty, technical elements and historical style.

Written Paper – Students are encouraged to write (1) one page single-spaced paper discussing a key guitarist or appropriate subject per semester.

Arrangement – Advanced students are encouraged to arrange (1) chord/melody arrangement of a jazz or pop (ex. Beatles, Motown) standard per semester.

Performance – Students are encouraged to perform. Recitals opportunities are available almost every month in the spring and fall.

Technical Requirements – Students will demonstrate specific, level appropriate techniques.

Academic and Musical Expectations – The student will be able to apply dynamic, timber, articulation, phrasing and interpretive techniques appropriate to the period and style of the composer/composition in relation to the level of the student. The student will have a basic understanding of the composer, compassion, biographical information, formal structure, equipment and style elements at a level sufficient to write program notes for a recital and/or explain them to another student.

Exit Requirements – Satisfactory completion of all levels, multi-styled recital and student promotional portfolio pretend for the instructor including: Resume, Audio files of works composed or performed, photo, biography, press release(s), programs of recitals performed and web page.


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