Hot Fun in the Summertime – Summer Guitar Lessons

Is everyone getting excited about summer break? I’ll take that as a “Yes”!

Summer is a great time to hit the road, see the sights, make a little splash time at the beach or the pool, maybe even sleep in a little late.

Sometimes it could seem that summer is even busier than when those kids are in school.

Summer also comes with a lot of downtime. Which ain’t entirely a bad thing. But… most parents are looking great activities that keep their kids engaged, excited and learning in the off months instead of just wandering aimlessly from device to device.

Our studio is year round! We provide flexible make-up times for students to get away for camps or family vacations AND still be able to maintain the momentum of their music lesson.

Actually, summer is great time to get started on a new instrument. Without all that homework and other school activity, there is MORE time to concentrate on learning music and MORE time to just play for FUN.

Many students will even increase their regular 30 minute lesson to an hour lesson during the summer months because they have more time available.

We have recitals every month starting in September AND we are preparing for the Coleman Hawkins Blues Festival set from our studio on Sept. 9 at 2pm.

Summer is not a learning sabbatical for kids. It’s truly a time to double our efforts, build our on all the work we’ve been doing all year and push to a higher level of play.

So, if you are looking for a great summer time activity for yourself, a family member or friend, lessons in guitar, ukulele or another musical instrument is truly one of the greatest options.

We want everyone to have a great, memorable and safe summer. And we know it’s going to be something special for you and your family.
Here’s to finishing STRONG this school year and to planning the best summer ever!