Lessons on all Fretted Instruments

Don’t Fret!

I wondered where this phrase originated? We all know that it basically means “don’t worry” but does it have anything to do with playing a fretted instrument?

Yes and No.

Originally, Fretting had to do with eating or gnawing away at something. As in a small creature chewing away at almost anything. So anytime anything would kind of dig into something else and begin to wear it down or wear it away it was ‘fretting’.

The frets on our instruments are actually dug into our fretboards which includes a little chewing away of some wood there. Players might also dig into their instruments in obsessive ways in performance and practice. We go to the “woodshed” or “woodshed” as in kind of chewing away at our instrument.

Makes sense.

At the academy, we specialize in teaching fretted instruments in a variety of styles.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Electric Bass
Lap Dulcimer

If you are a new or advancing musician on any of these instruments, we are the right school for you.
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