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Choose a few things that look easy, fun, familiar or interesting to you.

Some great options for your Solo (and a couple of duos) Repertoire for recital or performances.  I think most of these are short.  Consider learning one page per week (a few measures every day) and you’ll have a ton of great music to play alone or with a friend.

Click to download or print. (some have TAB, some are modern notation only.)

Note: Some are 2 pages.

Some very cool Jazz Stuff at the bottom of the page


Nervous Breakdown

God Only Knows pg2

God Only Knows pg1

flight of the bumble bee

Canon in D pg2

Canon in D pg1

bright size life


walk don’t run

canon in g page 2

canoning pg1


Donna Lee


invention4 pg1

invention4 pg2

minor swing

Six Lute pieces #1

Six Lute pieces #2,3

Six Lute pieces #4

Six Lute pieces #5

Six Lute pieces #6 pg2

Six Lute pieces #6

Valse Venezolano #1

Blackberry Blossom

Malaguena parkening

nobody knows the trouble i’ve seen

Rainbow Connection pg2

Rainbow Connection

St. Louis Blues pg2

St. Louis Blues

Waltz – B. Calatayud

Waltz pg2 – B. Calatayud


Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring bach

Gymnopedie #1

Gymnopedie #1 pg3

Gymnopedie #1 pg2


Greensleeves (Tab)

Etude Simples #2,3

Etude Simples #1

Dee tab


Bourree Em Bach

Blue Monk

Blackberry Blossom

andante in g carulli

andante carulli 2

andante carulli 1

Afro cuban lullaby 2

Afro cuban lullaby 1

Charlie Christian: Going to the Source (6 pages)

Charlie Christian 6

Charlie Christian 5

Charlie Christian 4

Charlie Christian 3

Charlie Christian 2

Charlie Christian 1

30 Jazz Arpeggios


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