Music Lessons in St. Joseph, MO

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In a midwestern community that is just over 75,000 citizens, music is important.

Music lessons for children, professional adults and even retirees are in demand. The most popular instruments for music lessons are guitar, piano, violin, drums and voice with the school band brass, winds and percussion coming in next.

St. Joseph, Mo is a great town to take music lessons. Most families truly value music education for themselves and their children.

Grandparents play a big role in supporting, transporting and even paying for grandchildren to have the opportunity to learn musical instruments.

The St. Joseph Arts Academy is the fastest growing music school in the Midland Empire.

Owner/Director, Jason Riley has been a huge part of the live music and musical education scene in our area for nearly 25 years. He’s headed up the guitar program at Benedictine College since 1996 and wrote the curriculum of commercial guitar studies for Missouri Western State University. As an avid supporter of the arts for all ages in the community, Jason has volunteered many performance and clinic hours all over the city for the St. Joseph School District, Charitable organizations, Hospice and Healthcare as well as retirement living and nursing home communities.

Music lesson are as much a part of the fabric of the St. Joseph MO community as academics, athletics and other extra curricular activities such as church groups, scouting, dance or karate.

Music Students of all ages are encouraged and supported in their endeavor to learn, share and build relationships through music.

The St. Joseph Arts Academy offers private and group instruction in all styles, for all levels and for all ages. Students can study classical, jazz, pop, blues, country, even reggae from qualified teachers one-on-one or in a group setting.

Recitals and performances happen almost every month during the spring and fall semesters. These are important events in families lives and gives students specific dates and goals to work towards.

Are you considering taking Music lessons in St. Joseph? Well, you couldn’t be in a better place to start. Or maybe pick up where you left off.

Check in with the St. Joseph Arts Academy and we can get you with the right teacher for your needs.

Request info about music lessons from the St. Joseph Arts Academy TODAY!

Here’s to your hometown music success!