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The Most Effective Music Mentor –

One of my personal goals is to be the world’s most effective music mentor. A player and teacher who can guide, inspire and encourage others to the top of their personal musical game and journey. I’d like to consider that I’m already here, showing up and doing just that with all of my students and the musicians I work with.

I have their best interest at heart.

I can see their potential. I can show them ways to grow it and utilize it.

I listen closely to what they sound like, what they say, what they’ve got and to what they may need.

I inquire about their hopes and dreams, remind them or help them adjust when they forget.

I help keep them on track and on schedule.

I am someone who can hold them accountable.

As the most effective music mentor, I’m there one on one with them. Lots of times it’s playing but sometimes it’s just to talk, plan or strategize. I’m looking for weak links in the chain and helping to strengthen them. It is not my responsibility to do the work for them. I can’t. I know that everyone really teaches themselves. I hope to set a good example in attitude, character, integrity, creativity, practice and performance. I hope my experience and expertise will be of a help to them and a positive influence.

I know you don’t have to be a great teacher to be a good mentor but I feel I bring that element. In order to be effective, I’ve got to relate to the individual in ways that make sense to them. I know that everyone one is different and that there are different learning styles and reasons for motivation. As the most effective music mentor, I can guide them along or at least point the way.

Some of my most effective music mentors had these qualities.

They were encouraging, patient, they gave more than required in time and material.

They spent time just talking about life with me. Their work inspired me. Their abilities inspired me, their level was inspiring, they taught me and gave me opportunities to work and learn from others. They introduced me to people, they maintained an on going relationship with me and gave me critiques.

They were respectful. They never treated me as “less than” and they always seemed happy to be working with me.

Besides being fine players, they were nice people and fun to hang with. They weren’t all necessarily proper pedagogues but taught from their experiences and from the angle of what they personally knew that worked.

I know I was lucky to have had them in my life when I needed their expertise. They showed me what might be possible. They set an example for me so that now I can pay it forward.

I think those are the qualities that help make me effective as a music mentor to all kinds of musicians and others in the music business.

I want to support others to be the best they can be, to take it as far as they can, to never give up on their dream or their calling. I am here to help.

Jason Riley

I’m a hustling musician and family man. I love to learn, play, share and encourage others in music. We’ve got some cool bands (including Soca Jukebox) and I am the director of the St. Joseph Arts Academy. This is my Blog!