Student Letters (Making your teacher feel special)

I am humbled in nearly every lesson. I have learned more from my students than I could ever return and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn WITH them, coach music students and mentor musicians of all ages.

This letter (written for a school project) just made my whole life. I’d like to say I was hovering over this student’s shoulder and telling them what to write… but this was the actual, factual experience of a young guitarist in my care. The names a have been omitted to preserve the integrity of the innocent.

Big thanks to mom and dad for sharing this with me. It really did mean the world to me.

“Every Friday, I go to practice and learn a lesson from him.

He is more inspirational “then” you would think.

Jason Riley is my guitar “instructor”. He inspires me to be a hard worker.

He teches me very good guitar lessons 1 day a week. It’s more fun when you have a great teacher. He asks how my went and makes learning fun.

When I say something is impossible, like a song or chord, he plays it perfectly and say’s if I work hard I can do anything.

Jason Riley has made a real impact on my life. This is why I told you about Jason Riley.”

This kid is a hard worker too! He comes from an amazing family who support his music. His lesson is a joy every week and it’s been a real honor to work with him.

He’s preparing for the evaluative audition in another week (wipeout and ode to joy!, scales, reading and a theory test).

Thank you, my man! Sincere thanks to his mom and dad for letting me work with him! It’s a joy to spend time playing music with these amazing young people (and advancing musicians of all ages).