The Beatles inspire kids to play the guitar

Today is the anniversary of the Beatles’ performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Their first appearance on American television is now a historical event. But, when it happened in 1964 it just blew everything up.

The look, the sound and the personalities of the band members obviously resonated with the American youth of the time. Not to mention, the great songs.

Following this important introduction, the course of popular music was forever changed. Young people started buying guitars, learning about music and making it for themselves with other like-minded friends.

The Beatles definitely left a legacy with the music they made in the 10 years they were together.

I believe one of their greatest contributions was the inspiration they gave to young people. To learn to play. To write a song. To start a band. To reach for your dreams.

If the band had done nothing else, that’s a great gift.

Thank you for inspiring and encouraging the young people (and the young at heart) in your life to play. Commend them for their efforts. Give them the tools and education they need to be the best they can be.

There are countless well-known musicians who credit John, Paul, George and Ringo for inspiring them to start playing. And for showing them what might be possible when you work towards your dream.

Jason Riley

I’m a working musician and family man. I love to learn, play, share and encourage others in music. We’ve got some cool bands (including Soca Jukebox) and I am the director of the St. Joseph Arts Academy. This is my Blog!