Thinking About Starting Music Lessons?

So you are thinking about starting music lessons. Music is a wonderful part of being a human being and brings a lot of benefits to our lives. Learning to play yourself or providing lessons for a loved one is one of the greatest gifts you can give or receive.

If you are new to music education or have never played an instrument, you may have some questions. Our booklet should help in answering some of the most common questions or concerns for those just starting out. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to write us. We are happy to provide any information you need in making the best decisions about getting going with your music lessons.

Wishing you the very best on starting or continuing along the path of the advancing musician.

Jason Riley
Director –
St. Joseph Arts Academy

Mission Statement – Our mission at the St. Joseph Arts Academy is to provide the highest quality musical instruction and performance opportunities to beginning and advancing students in the Midland empire. We use our patience, enthusiasm and loyalty to encourage, inform and entertain others to happily share their skill and talents in love and gratitude to make the world a better place.