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20+ Things to Play Great Ukulele

Welcome to the SJAA’s very first, FREE Ukulele Video Lesson. Fair warning… it is a very Lo-Fi, Zoom video recording.  (We have to start somewhere!) This is intended as an “Introduction” to the Ukulele for beginners but might be a good review if you’ve got some experience.  You are welcome to jump around to the section of the video that is interesting for your, re-watch or practice along as you please. Just download the worksheets/fun sheets, click the video link and you’ll be jamming. When you are finished, we’d love your feedback about the class and some suggestions about things you’d like to see next time. Send us an email to Thank you for joining us!  Have a lot of fun. Jason and SJAA  Video Class Link the PDFUKE Chords:ScalesDownload the PDFUKE Fun SheetFor Tuning, we recommend you download “GuitarTuna” for FREE from the app store.  String Names and Numbers (floor) A___________1 (little dog is close to the floor) E____________2 C_____________3 G___________4 (top dog is close to the ceiling) (ceiling)  Video Selection by Time Intro :00 About the Uke :20 How to Hold 1:10  String Names/Numbers 2:12 How to read and write UKE Tablature and Chord/Scale Frames 3:25 Left hand w/Exc. (01234)  8:27 Right Hand picking/strumming 10:47 Joy to the World 12:41 My Dog Has Fleas (3’s or C’s) 14:32 Happy Birthday 17:40 Telephone Numbers 21:49 Chord/Scale Chart 22:46 “Frozen Chord” or “Melted Harp”/Arpeggios 23:16 Fingerpicking Chords (Twist, Forward Roll, Forward Backward Roll) 24:46 Harmonics 26:40 Musical Alphabet (A BC D EF G A) 27:54 Chromatic Scale  29:56 Chord Progressions (C Am F G or C G Am F) 31:46 Chord Progressions (Am Dm E7) 39:07 Ukulele Strumming Pattern 41:45 C Major Scale w/Key Rhythms (plums, apples, strawberry) 46:43 Estudio 49:47 The National Anthem 52:22 More Chord/Scale Chart (Open vs Moveable chords) 56:08 Conclusion 100:42  Additional Music  “Ode to Joy” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” music and play-along tracks

Ode to Joy

Download the PDF Ode to Joy UKE

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Download the PDF Somewhere over the rainbow UKE