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Toddler Art Classes called “Art Fun Academy” ages 3.5– 5yr

4 weeks for $69, 45-50 min, supplies included, 4-8 students & parents

Goals: help develop gross and fine motor skills, encourage creativity; read an art book

DESCRIPTION: Plan to get messy and build creativity as you assist your toddler as they explore some art projects! Supplies are included.  Sessions do not repeat content and can be taken consecutively.

SCHOOL AGED KIDS called “Super Art Academy” Grades 1-6th

4 weeks for $79, Mixed Media classes, 80-90 minutes, supplies included, 4-10 students

Study 4 different artists (and their techniques), warm up free draw to music: see “Movement” songs

DESCRIPTION: If your child enjoys being creative and wants to go a little deeper and be a little messier and you aren’t sure how to do it all, bring them to our mixed media classes.  Each session takes a young artist through four artists and the techniques they use when they create. Sessions do not repeat content and can be taken consecutively.

1:  Pollock (splatter/dart), Siqueiros (paint pour), Rodin (clay), Degas (crayons)

2:  Mondrian (geometric paper collage), VanGogh (landscape), several (upcycled), McDevit (handlettering)

3:  Picasso (abstract), Hische/Kunz (3d letters), O’Keeffe (flowers), Rockwell (self-portrait)

Adult classes called “Art Dare”

DESCRIPTION: Do you wish you were more comfortable being creative? Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone to create? We DARE you to expose your creative side no matter how rusty you think it is!

These monthly classes are for adults only! We provide the supplies, you bring a brave attitude!

St Joseph Arts Academy • (816) 974-7656

Now Hiring Teachers! Request info here.

St. Joseph Arts Academy
2027 North 36th Street
Saint Joseph, MO 64506

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Art Classes