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“Art Fun Academy – Toddler Art Classes ages 3.5- 5yr

4 weeks for $69, 45-50 min, supplies included, 4-8 students & parents

Goals: help develop gross and fine motor skills, encourage creativity; read an art book

DESCRIPTION: Plan to get messy and build creativity as you assist your toddler as they explore some art projects! Supplies are included.  Sessions do not repeat content and can be taken consecutively.

“Super Art Academy”SCHOOL AGED KIDS Grades 1-6th

4 weeks for $79, Mixed Media classes, 80-90 minutes, supplies included, 4-10 students

Study 4 different artists (and their techniques), warm up free draw to music: see “Movement” songs

DESCRIPTION: If your child enjoys being creative and wants to go a little deeper and be a little messier and you aren’t sure how to do it all, bring them to our mixed media classes.  Each session takes a young artist through four artists and the techniques they use when they create. Sessions do not repeat content and can be taken consecutively.

1:  Pollock (splatter/dart), Siqueiros (paint pour), Rodin (clay), Degas (crayons)

2:  Mondrian (geometric paper collage), VanGogh (landscape), several (upcycled), McDevit (handlettering)

3:  Picasso (abstract), Hische/Kunz (3d letters), O’Keeffe (flowers), Rockwell (self-portrait)

“Clay Mania”

Description – DIY Clay (Air dry and oven bake)

Making three different types of clay with ingredients that can be found at home. With the clay, we will create a small piggy bank, wall pocket sculptures, and beads/pendants for jewelry or keychains. This will be a 6 week class, 60 minutes each.

This would be best for 4th-9th grade, but can be flexible.

Example Schedule

Day 1: Oven Bake Clay (toaster oven) #1

Talk about the different types of clay/projects we’ll be making and safety tips.

Make the clay together: I do, you do. 

Create different shapes for pendants/keychains/beads. Discuss different techniques.

Set extra unbaked clay aside to use for next class (optional)

Bake the clay and plan/sketch decorations for the next class. 

Day 2: Oven Bake Clay #2

Decorate the baked clay. Seal with Mod-podge. 

Talk about how to fix breaks/mistakes.

Use extra leftover clay

Day 3: Salt Dough Air Dry Clay #1

Talk about the project we will be making and steps: Piggy bank

Make the clay together: I do, you do. 

Create the different parts of the piggy bank, building as we go.

Leave piggy banks in a safe space to air dry. If the piggy bank building is not completed by the end of class, it can be wrapped in plastic and finished during the following class.

Day 4: Salt Dough Air Dry Clay #2

If any piggy banks need to finish being built, the class will start out doing so. In this case, the toaster oven can be used to help with the drying process for decorating.

Talk about how to fix breaks/mistakes.

Paint the piggy banks.

Day 5: Cold Porcelain Clay #1

Talk about the project we will be making and steps: Wall Pocket Sculptures

Make the clay together: I do, you do.

Create the base of the pocket sculpture together. Talk about different add-ons students could add (figures, letters, flowers, etc) Students will be able to personalize these as they want, no one sculpture will look the same upon completion.

Allow for the clay to dry until the next class.

Day 6: Cold Porcelain Clay #2

Make the last building touches on sculptures if needed. The toaster oven can help with last minute drying if needed.

Paint the sculptures.

“Art Dare”Adult classes

DESCRIPTION: Do you wish you were more comfortable being creative? Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone to create? We DARE you to expose your creative side no matter how rusty you think it is!

These monthly classes are for adults only! We provide the supplies, you bring a brave attitude!

St Joseph Arts Academy • (816) 974-7656

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St. Joseph Arts Academy
2027 North 36th Street
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Art Classes