Lesson Policy


Lesson Policy


St. Joseph Arts Academy

This studio strives to provide high quality musical instruction for students and reliable employment for instructors. It has been our experience that competence and mastery of a musical instrument demands a definite, not casual, commitment of time and energy. Therefore, a regular lesson/class time is arranged for each student. Students can plan their practice schedule around their lesson time and establish effective routines for making progress. For these reasons the following policies have been adopted and updated:

Tuition Private lessons are $116 per month. All payment is due at the FIRST LESSON of each month.

Enrollment – Paying tuition for a month’s lessons reserves a lesson appointment which can be renewed each month with payment.

Schedules –Lessons are generally scheduled for a specific time once per week with four lessons per month. Months containing a 5th week will be used for make-ups or otherwise considered a “Bonus” lesson! Each instructor maintains a unique schedule with a limited number of lesson appointments each week.

Cancellations – 48 hours notice.
Instructors make their livelihood by providing their time and services to students able to dedicate their time and sincere desire to learn a musical instrument.

Though all communication is appreciated, non-emergency cancellations, last minute cancellations and “no shows” necessitate charging the full lesson fee for the unused space reserved for the student. 48 hours notice.

In most cases, missed lessons will be made up in the 5th week. It is sometimes necessary that  the instructor will need to reschedule at the availability of both student and teacher or cancel.

(Virtual Lessons, Group make-ups and Pre-recorded lessons are also options)

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