Are You In Love – Uncommon Charater, St. Joseph, MO Original Song by Simon Fink

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Acoustic Duo Version

We recently produced this song by composer, Simon Fink of Under the Big Oak Tree. It’s got lots of our favorite players on it including members of Kelly Clarkson, Organ Jazz Trio, KC All-Stars, Under The Big Oak Tree, Under the Influence and Soca Jukebox. The song was mixed and mastered by Matthew Russo.

“Uncommon Character” ( is a rebranding event for our fair city with supporters and key players from all industries and civil organizations.

We love the song and we know you will too!

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Simon Fink – Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Jason Riley – Electric Guitar, Nylon Guitar
Lester Estelle – Drums
Craig Kew – Bass
Ken Lovern – Piano, Organ
Jolie Riley – Backing Vocal
Kristen Hamilton – Backing Vocal