The Write Notes – April 2019

The Write Notes
The Newsletter from the St. Joseph Arts Academy
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Dear Students and Families,

Hope everyone had a great Easter!
Everything is blooming and our musicians are too!
What a great month this has been at the SJAA.
Lots & Lots & Lots to celebrate and some important info below too…

Academy Goes to the Mansion!

Ukes & Pianos, Guitars, Voices & Violins.
(and a little hometown history)

Big THANK YOU to all our students, families and friends who made our
“Academy @ the Mansion” a success.

We did not anticipate such a big crowd for the 2nd show (we were a bit oversold so apologies to those of you with limited viewing!).

Lots of activities going on at this time of year (track, competitions, community and family events, etc) so it really meant a lot to us that so many would make MUSIC a priority on a beautiful spring day in St. Joseph.

It was a truly special event and the space is near and dear to our hearts here.

For more pictures/videos and info, check out the Blog post here….

Academy at the Mansion 2019

Welcome to our NEW Students and families!!

Xavier, Alyana, Scott, Cramista, Shannon, Indigo, Maliea, Annie, Jude, Finn & Basil.

District Music Contests

Our high school students participate in All-District Music Contests in late March.
Congratulations to our Academy students receiving “Explemplary” or “1” ratings on their solos and small groups.

Jack Wing – Violin Solo, Ella DeWeese – Violin Solo, Jackson Meyer -Violin Solo (not pictured) and Mr. Brock.
Georgia, Dani & Hayleigh – Clarinet Trio
Georgia Riley – Clarinet Solo

Sending them all positive thoughts as they head to the
State Music Contests in Columbia this week!

Thanks to their teachers, Mr. Brock, Mr. Holmes and Mr. Maxwell
(SJSD large ensembles Symphonic, Wind Ensembles and Orchestra all received high ratings as well)

SJAMTA Evaluative Adjudications

St Joseph Area Music Teacher’s Association (SJAMTA) held their annual Evaluative Adjudications at Missouri Western on April 13.

We had 4 guitar students participate and all received a “1” rating!
Congratulations to Alex P., Ashlyn F., Reaganne K. and Molly R. (not pictured)

Student of the Month

Our April “Student of the Month” is…

Make that… STUDENTS of the Month ARE…

Jack Wing, Ella DeWeese and Jackson Meyer!!!

The violinists at the St. Joseph “Violin” Academy just went over the top this season. We have some very accomplished players and strings coaches here.

Very proud of their hard work and accomplishments at their All-District Contests

We’ll celebrate each of them with an iTunes or Starbucks gift card!


To be considered for Student of the Month, be sure to talk to your teacher about all your musical and extracurricular activities, share pictures and refer your fellow musicians to the academy.

Special of the Month!
Only 2 Yamaha “C” Soprano Recorders in stock. Only $6 (You save 4 bucks as a SJAA family member) Recommended for school use in SJSD music classrooms but easy to play and fun for all ages.

Is your student ready for new books? We carry a very limited supply of instructor approved titles. Talk with your teacher about your next books.

We need a Hero!

Look who stopped by and made our day? It’s Hero!! Thanks to Sydney L. for bringing a friend to share with us. No bad guys to thwart or emergencies to handle so we just hung out and enjoyed the music.

SJAA’s Summer Festivals
6/15 – “HawkFest” Coleman Hawkins Jazz & Blues Festival
SJAA – 1230pm, Coleman Hawkins Gazebo Downtown

8/31 – “JoeStock” – SJAA – time TBA – Coleman Hawkins Gazebo Downtown

Upcoming Recitals

SJAMTA Recital Calendar Coming Soon!

Viva la France!

So everyone is asking about the tour and the trip overseas.

“I missed you guys!” Great to be back on home ground and back to my people.

I was performing in northern France for 12 dates (actually in the plane for 2).

It was a great trip. Top-flight musicians in the Nova Project are also great friends who make me play difficult music (from the heart) while translating, transporting, baby sitting and feeding me (all in French!). So many old friends I haven’t seen in a long time (and made some new ones too). We had great audiences and full houses at every show!

I ate lots of bread, many fine cheeses, wild boar patte, some caviar and some local favorites. I wanted to treat my friends to some proper “American” food so I cooked… Tacos! Kind of hard to find proper salsa there. I had to call home to get the taco seasoning right (and I didn’t. I pretty much burned everyone’s taste buds off. But they were kind anyway).

Apparently, Tacos are a real delicacy in France.

Thanks to my friends and ex-patriots there for making great memories with me.

Anthony Glise, JR and Ken Sugita on the run and on “la rue” in “Vieux L’ille” France

For all the details…

Early childhood music classes!
(Coming Soon)

2 and up – mommy and me class – infant to one year olds – large class setting.

Musical, vocal and dance playtime and games.

The benefits are developing musical abilities on an appropriate age level, developing creativity and imagination, all motor development, and music have been proven to help improve language, literacy, and social/emotional development.

Email jason at for more information.


While we are still accepting VENMO, cash and checks, the SJAA is moving closer to convenient auto-drafting from credit cards or your bank account. Ask you teacher for a form or feel free to follow the link to fill the authorization, bring it to your lesson and we’ll get you set up.

Auto-Payment Authorization

Ribbon Cutting Anniversary – We can’t believe it’s been a whole year since our ribbon cutting. What a great year it has been. Thanks to all of our students and families who are sharing this journey with us and making our hometown a great place for music.

We are growing and some big announcements coming soon.

Thank you for reading “The Write Notes” – Newsletter from the St. Joseph Arts Academy!

It’s going to be a great month.

Thank you for encouraging the advancing musicians in your life and in our community. We are making the world a better place through music.

Here’s to our music success!

Jason Riley