The Write Notes – August 2019

Dear Students and Families, 

Musicians play.  We play our instruments, we play solo, we play together.  We play recitals and concerts.  Sounds fun and it must be nice to just “play” all the time, right?

“Well, I’m not so sure “play” is actually the best word for what we do.

As they say, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

We do want to be playful, explore and have fun in music and with our instruments and voices.

Anyone that’s achieved any level of mastery with a musical instrument can tell you that it takes commitment and discipline, that practicing is not always “super fun” and that there is actually a TON of work involved.

We are developing our abilities, skills, awareness and sensitivities through very focused actions to achieve our musical goals.  If we do it correctly, the end result should look like “play” to our audiences and feel more like “play” to us.

I know for myself, after many years of dedication and work, highs, lows, obstacles and plateaus, I’m having more and more fun “playing” with each passing year.  A blast, actually!

Music (performing and teaching) has truly been a labor of love for me.   It’s important and it’s worth it.

Thanks for supporting the musicians in your life, for sharing them here and for trusting our own dedicated and hardworking SJAA instructors and coaches with your loved ones.

Happy Labor Day!

Here for whatever you need.
jason and SJAA

816 294 4856 (personal cell for call or text)

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The SJAA will be expanding into the space next door to us (the former CML ceramics) in the coming months.  We’ll be adding some studios, a few great teachers, classroom and performances spaces that will allow us to offer so much more to our members and the community.Under Construction (Bless this Mess) –
We have been making steady improvements to our SJAA. New guttering, cleaning up brush and lots more.  We are now able to get the sidewalk repaired and we have a major waterproofing solution coming the first week of September.Our main SJAA building will be closed from Sept. 2-6.  We do have one studio still operating next door in the Mary Scott CPA building during that time.

Jason and Andrew will still be teaching their scheduled students in the Mary Scott Studio (door nearest the SJAA).

Most students will get the week off (Happy Labor Day!) but please ask your teacher about their availability during this time.

JoeStock 10 –
The St. Joseph Music Foundation is presenting it’s 10th annual “JoeStock” music festival this weekend, Aug. 30 & 31st.JoeStock is a celebration of the tremendous local, musical talent here in St. Joseph and the induction ceremony for the Missouri Music Hall of Fame.SJAA students will be performing at 5pm on Saturday, Aug. 31.  Composer/Guitarist Anthony Glise and Academy Director, Jason Riley will perform as the Nova Project at 6pm.

The event is FREE and open to the public.

MORE News…

It’s a Boy!!! – Congratulations to Brent (guitar, piano, voice, ukulele) and Kelsey Isom on the arrival of their very 1st baby boy.  Ellis David Isom comes in a 7lbs 7oz early on Aug. 25.  Wishing the whole family even more blessings and much happiness.  Ellis, you are a lucky kid.

These look like musical fingers to us!!!

We’re STILL expecting… – We’ve got a growing family here at the SJAA with 2 new babies on the way.  JC’s and Andrew’s wives are expecting new additions to their families soon.  Wishing the families (and mommies) the very best with all.

Back to School! – Wishing everyone the very best in these first couple of weeks back to school.  Let’s make it a great year, together!

Welcome to our New Teachers – Jolie Riley (master piano), Lori West (master piano) and Dr. Frank Nawrot (master guitar/piano) are joining us in August.  We are so excited to have these excellent musicians, wonderful people and experienced music educators joining us.

Welcome to our NEW Students and families!!

Lucy, Ellen, Sage, Dylan, Tristan, Isaac, Cynthia, Ben, Alayna & Aubree.


Student of the Month

Our August “Student of the Month” is…

Jalea B.!!!

We are so lucky to have Jalea and her family with us at the SJAA.  Jailer plays guitar and clarinet, performs regularly including our recent performance at the Silver and Gold banquet.

New to middle school this year, she plays in the band and has a love for ice skating, vinyl records and everything “The Beatles”.

We’ll celebrate Jalea with an iTunes gift card for her!

Thank you, Jalea for referring your friends and family to the Academy.


To be considered for Student of the Month, be sure to talk to your teacher about all your musical and extracurricular activities, share pictures and refer your fellow musicians to the academy.


Is your student ready for new books? We carry a very limited supply of instructor approved titles. Talk with your teacher about your next books and we’ll get them ordered.
Early childhood music classes!
(Coming Soon)2 and up – mommy and me class – infant to one year olds – large class setting.Musical, vocal and dance playtime and games.

The benefits are developing musical abilities on an appropriate age level, developing creativity and imagination, all motor development, and music have been proven to help improve language, literacy, and social/emotional development.

Email jason at for more information.

When you are “The Man in Black” you get your own comic book!  That’s a real life superhero.
SJAA’s Summer FestivalsUpcoming Recitals

Aug. 31 –  5pm “JoeStock” Coleman Hawkins Park 
Sept. 15 – 2pm SJAMTA student recital
Sept. 28 –  Bluegrass Battles Hunger
Oct. 23 – names due for Monster Concert
Oct. 27 – 2pm Halloween-themed SJAMTA student recital
Nov. 17 – 2pm SJAMTA student recital (patriotic/Thanksgiving themed)z
Dec. 7 – Mall-a-thon 10am-4pm at East Hills Mall (SJAA time slot TBA)



Feb. 8 – SJAMTA Monster Concert (rehearsals Jan 31, Feb 7)
March 8 – 2pm SJAMTA student recital
April 25 – SJAMTA Evaluatives
April 26 – 2pm SJAMTA student recital, 3:30 SJAMTA Honors Recital at First Presbyterian

SJAA Specific Recitals in BOLD


While we are still accepting VENMO, cash and checks, the SJAA is moving closer to convenient auto-drafting from credit cards or your bank account.  Ask you teacher for a form or feel free to follow the link to fill the authorization, bring it to your lesson and we’ll get you set up.

Lesson Policy
– Is here and copies are at the studio…

Thank you for reading “The Write Notes” – Newsletter from the St. Joseph Arts Academy!

It’s going to be a great month.

Thank you for encouraging the advancing musicians in your life and in our community.  We are making the world a better place through music.

Here’s to YOUR music success!

Jason Riley
8162944856 (personal cell)
Here to help! Call or text if you need anything at all.

Referral Program – We have a great family of students and teachers at the SJAA.  We are extremely discerning in selecting the very best coaches and students when growing our family.  We want great students just like you.  The SJAA is now able to offer a FREE lesson for referring new students who register for lessons.  Thank you for referring your friends and family to be a part of our SJAA family.

Does Your Teacher Have Openings?

JC – Mondays, 3 & 530, Fridays Newly Opened
Andrew – Tuesdays, 145 & 715
Emily – Monday 5 & 6
Monica – Full
Lori – Full
Jolie – Full
Brent – Tuesday 4 & 630, Thursday 330
Jason – Full
Terry – Full
Dr. Frank – TBA

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Academy Mission

Our mission at the St. Joseph Arts Academy is to provide the highest quality musical instruction and performance opportunities to beginning and advancing students in the Midland empire. We use our patience, enthusiasm and loyalty to encourage, inform and entertain others to happily share their skill and talent in love and gratitude to make the world a better place.


Music Accomplished!

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