The Write Notes – February Newsletter


Getting to Know Us is an Awesome Adventure
Thank you, St. Joseph and the greater Midland Empire for making our Academy the fastest growing music school in northwest Missouri and the best place for music lessons.
St. Joseph Arts Academy 2509 Ashland Ave
St. Joseph, MO 64506 (816) 974 -SOLO (7656)

2509 Ashland Ave.
St. Joseph MO 64506 (816) 974 – SOLO (7656)
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Goodbye, 2016. Great Times Ahead!
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Who is the SJAA? Picture Day!
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Can playing the guitar help me lose weight?
(816) 974 -SOLO (7656)

Great Times Ahead!
Director Jason Riley had an incredible year traveling over 15,000 miles for over 120 shows and rockin’ with 16 different acts in 2016.
We are excited for the year ahead, and are looking forward to new music from Shawn Minter, Soca Jukebox, Maria the Mexican and much more!
Stay tuned for more upcoming events, and here’s to another amazing year of making music in the Midland Empire and beyond!

Get to know the St. Joseph Arts Academy

Who is the SJAA?

Since 1993 we have helped hundreds of students begin and continue on their musical journey. We are the fastest growing school of music in northwest Missouri, offering private lessons in all popular instruments, as well as voice. We know you are busy and it can be very hard to find a reliable music teacher. That’s why we go above and beyond to find the BEST music teachers in the Midland Empire–so you don’t have to! Our staff consists of experienced music teachers, capable of teaching all ages and levels. We constantly renovate and improve our facilities as well as provide on-going support to our instructors to ensure we are always providing our students and parents with the best possible musical experience.
While you’re researching the best school for you, consider the benefits of becoming a St. Joseph Arts Academy student and find out why we are the Midland Empire’s number one
choice for music lessons!

Thank you to Amy Oades at Back Story Images for their excellent work with our photography for our families and students! We’re excited to schedule our next Picture Day for the fall!
Mrs. Jolie Riley is another contributor with her on the spot iPhone photos!
Thank you for sharing your personal photos of your musicians in recital (and practice) with the academy.

Welcome to the New Students who enrolled in January.
Francesca L. Annie C. Ryan T.
Returning Students.
Jessica C.

Important Dates

Upcoming Recitals and Family Friendly Shows!
Jan. 28 – Monster Concert, 3pm. Potter Fine Arts Theater, MWSU campus
Feb. 12 – Student Recital, 2pm. Potter Fine Arts Rm 112, MWSU campus.
Feb. 15-18 – Folk Alliance International Conference – Crown Center, KCMO
Feb. 27 – Rolling Hills Library, 7pm. Storytellers with Jason Riley
Mar. 12 – Student Recital, 2pm. Potter Fine Arts Rm 112, MWSU campus
Apr. 1 – Music at the Mansion, Wyeth-Tootle Mansion
April 7 – Charles Iner, Senior Guitar Recital, 4pm. O’Malley/McAllister, Benedictine College Atchison KS April 14 – MU Guitar Day. University of Missouri – Columbia.
Apr. 23 – Student Recital, 2pm Potter Fine Arts Rm 112, MWSU campus

Can playing the guitar help me lose weight?
Playing the guitar itself isn’t exactly a high-calorie burning activity. You do need tons of mental energy used as attention, concentration and focus as well
as listening and reacting in the moment. But
the the physical needs that might be
considered the “exercise” are limited to fine
motor skills and the movement of very small muscles.
Sure, there are musical styles that encourage a lot of running around the stage and the energy of the music and the lights could make a person sweat a lot. But, compared with say, speed metal drumming, guitar playing is a pretty low-impact activity.
There is something that guitar playing does
give you that could help with your weight loss
or personal health goals. A huge benefit that
actually helps a person with anything they want to achieve in life. Discipline.
(816) 974 -SOLO (7656)
More at… Building Relationships that Matter Through Music (816) 974 -SOLO (7656) Pg2