The Write Notes – January 2019

The Write Notes
The Newsletter from the St. Joseph Arts Academy
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Dear Students & Families,

We had a big Milestone this month. The SJAA celebrated our first year in our commercial location!

Happy B-day, SJAA! We’ll be “toddling” soon. Jan. 8 was our anniversary. Also… Elvis’ Birthday. Coincidence? Yes.

Thank you for being along for the ride and for growing with us! We’ve been working hard and did quite a lot of bootstrapping to make sure we could make rents and keep it warm/cool around here. There has been no scrimping however on the really important things… having great teachers, supporting our staff, students and families and having lots of performance opportunities for our students.

More to come!

Thank you for coming to play at the SJAA and for encouraging the advancing musicians in your life.

Jason Riley – Director
(816) 294-4856 cell

St. Joseph Arts Academy

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

The SJAA has a diverse student group including many colors, age groups, orientations and abilities. We are not all the same.
Music Unites Us.
THANK YOU for setting the example for what’s possible and creating a real community here. It’s still a “mean ol’ world” out there. You make the SJAA safe and welcoming and I think… the world a better place. It’s important stuff and God bless you for it.
TeacherZone Automated Billing

You can make payments easy, safe and convenient in 2019. If you would like to set up automated payments in TeacherZone, you can input your card number at and we can get a plan set up for you.

You can also update student and parent profiles keeping your email, phone, address, etc up-to-date beginning at…

Send me a note if you have any trouble logging in! Username is “yourname” or your students name “firsttlast” one word and Password is “password”.

Welcome to our New Students

Max, Kyra, Elle, Ashley,
Steven & Denice!
To Login it’s simply… SJAA and password is “MusicAccomplished”
Monster Concert 2019

We had a great Monster Concert with the SJAMTA at MWSU last weekend. I can’t tell you how proud I am of the guitar ensemble. Besides a great performance, they demonstrated excellent stage presence and handled themselves like true professionals on stage and off.

Way to go, SJAA guitarists!

You can see some pics below!

Monster Concert 2019 St. Joseph Arts Academy Photos

Here we are looking tuff!

Upcoming Recital Dates
(We encourage our students to get on stage at least twice per year and many do more!)
BOLD are SJAA specific

February 10 – 2 pm Recital/ SJAMTA (Potter Hall, MWSU)

March 10 – 2 pm Recital/ SJAMTA (Potter Hall, MWSU)

April 6 – Academy at the Mansion (Wyeth Tootle Mansion) Time:TBA

April 13 – Evaluatives (Potter Hall, MWSU)

April 14 – 2 pm Recital (Potter Hall, MWSU)/ 3:30 Honors Recital (First Presbyterian Church)

September 7 – 3pm Coleman Hawkins Blues Festival (Coleman Hawkins Gazebo)

More to come!
Thank you for referring your friends and family to the St. Joseph Arts Academy!

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I know that is a lot of info so THANK YOU for the time to read the Newsletter from the St. Joseph Arts Academy!

Don’t hesitate to let us know if we can be more helpful in anyway.

It’s going to be a great 2019.

Stay Tuned!

Jason Riley
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