The Write Notes – October 2017

St. Joseph Arts Academy
The Write Notes – October 2017
Newsletter from the SJAA

Welcome to the “Write Notes”, the monthly newsletter from the St. Joseph Arts Academy!

We are fully into the swing of the school year in October. Teachers are working hard for their students and we know our students are giving all they have to do their best efforts. Music lessons demand a real time commitment so we are very proud of the discipline these advancing musicians are showing in getting it all accomplished. They are doing homework, some have jobs, keeping up with the family and working towards recitals and performances.

Halloween Recital – A favorite recital of the year. Performers are encouraged to wear their costumes and play some special music inspired by spookier things! The recital is October 29 at MWSU. We anticipate needing two rooms do the size and popularity of this fun event.

The St. Joseph “Blues”Academy –

We played at the Coleman Hawkins Blues Festival last month! Students were on stage early to kick things off on Saturday afternoon with a variety of jazz, blues, folk and rock-n-roll. Many of the students did features as a duet with their teacher, we had one guitar trio and all out jams at the end of the set. Students also wrote their own introductions to the pieces they would be playing making it extra educational and informative for them and the audience.

This was a first for a school like ours and it was an amazing day. Thanks to all the players and their families for coming out to play and support this amazing festival.

We are back to school but it’s not too late to get in for lessons. Thanks for helping us spread the word. Lessons are first come, first serve. It’s never to early to sign up. Our lessons are month to month and year round.

-High Quality, FUN & Personalized Lessons
-Master Guitar Teacher – Jason Riley
-Month to Month Lessons
-Conveniently Located
-Beginners to Advanced, Open to all Ages
-Free, All-Inclusive Recitals
-Widest Range of Lesson Times
-Awards to Celebrate Achievement

It’s Easy to Take the Next Step…


News –

New Teachers – The SJAA is expanding and our student growth this summer has been one for the record books. We are currently interviewing new teachers for several instruments and will have more slots available for learning. If you know a GREAT PERSON who is also a wonderful musician willing to share their craft, we’d love to talk to them about teaching for us!

Center for Entrepreneurship –

Last month we made our presentation about our business to “Cup of Joe” a local, weekly entrepreneurship meeting. We presented alongside Soca Jukebox with discussions on the music business in our community in education and live performance. The presentation included slide show explaining our story, who we are and what we do as well as some of the challenges we face. That was followed by a great Q&A and some discussion. It was really great to get the feedback of the folks in the local business community. The presentations are also presented and documented on Facebook Live at the Cup of Joe Facebook Page.

We are also working with students in the Marketing Department at MWSU as a main project for the semester. The students chose US as a fun model to base their own marketing skills and to apply what they are learning to a real business. Isn’t that cool?

Upcoming dates

10/7 – Hands-On St. Joe, Downtown, 10:30-noon, 1-2:30
10/19-22, 2017 – FARM 2017 Conference in Iowa City, Iowa
10/29 – Halloween themed student recital, MWSU, 2pm
11/12 – Student Recital, MWSU, 2pm
12-2 – Mall-a-thon, East Hills Mall, TBA
12-8 – “Annie” The Musical, MO theater
12-9 – “Annie” The Musical, MO theater


1/20 – Monster Concert (Rehearsals Jan. 12th and the 19th)
2/11 – Student Recital, MWSU, 2pm – Guitar Clinic, 3pm
3/3  –  Pre-Contest Clinic
3/11 – Student Recital, MWSU, 2pm       
3/19 – Due date for evaluatives 
4/14 – Evaluatives
4/15 – Student Recital, MWSU, 2pm/3:30 Honors Recital at First Presbyterian

Welcome Our New Students

Robert L.
Ethan M.
Noah B.

Is your Teacher Sold Out?

Guitar Openings – Jason R.

Monday – SOLD OUT
Wednesday – SOLD OUT
Thursday – SOLD OUT
Friday – SOLD OUT

Brent I.
New Teacher Openings on Tuesdays!
Tuesdays OPEN 3-8pm

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Daytime Lessons Available –

Having trouble finding time for music lessons in the evening. We have lots of busy professionals, retirees and home school students who prefer to take lessons during the regular business day. “Lunch Hour” lesson times are available with openings almost everyday between 11am and 2pm.

Hour Lessons –

Many of our busy, adult professionals and most dedicated younger students opt for a one hour session. More time and one-on-one coaching with your teacher is a wonderful opportunity to help you reach your musical goals more quickly. If you have the time or interest in an hour session, talk to your teacher and we will work with you to help you get it scheduled.

Guitar in your Home! –

We’ve recently started our “in-home” music program for guitar. Many people prefer or need to take a lesson in their homes due to child care, business or even health restraints. We are here to serve the entire community of music learners. If you are interested in or need music lessons in your own home, drop us note. We’ll make arrangements to come to you!