Top 10 Guitar Books

I love books of all kinds.  Books about education, spirituality, business and marketing, everything by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and especially guitar books.

I’ve amassed a real library of music and guitar books over the years.  I work in them, use them, read and re-read them and suggest them to students.  This is a very abbreviated list of the more intermediate to advanced books that all guitarists should consider for their own collections.  In no particular order…

Top 10 Guitar Books

The Advancing Guitarist – Mick Goodrick
Pumping Nylon – Scott Tenant
Library of Guitar Classics – Amsco Publishing
Sight Reading for the Classical Guitar – Robert Benedict
The Real Book – Hal Leonard Publishing
The Solo Lute Works of Johann Sebastian Bach – Frank Koonce
Suzuki Guitar Method
Royal Conservatory Guitar Series
The Guitar in History and Performance Practice – Anthony Glise
The Big Book of Jazz Guitar – Mark Dziuba



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